jeudi 26 janvier 2012

A present for Hitomi

A week ago it was Hitomi's birthday.
Wow one year she is already here.

For this special occasion I needed a special present.

At the very beginning she was here, Hitomi saw a dress on YJ from a quite famous designer. She was totally in love. Unfortunately, I was not able to buy it, as it went for an awful amount of money. Hitomi was so kind and never blamed me or even asked something. But I was so sad about this.
And recently I was able to get a dress from this designer! Another pink dress, even cuter than the previous one.
A perfect birthday's present for my lovely girl

Hitomi is really happy and she wanted a photoshot. It is not really a winter dress and it is quite cold outside, so I had to take indoor pics in the bad lightening. I did not want Hitomi gets cold!

I hope you will enjoy though ;)

Hitomi's new dress

Hitomi's new dress


When this dress had arrived here, there was also another outfit in the box. I had bought it for a specific future girl but things turned a bit different finally...It is another story ;)