samedi 4 février 2012

Jour de neige....

Ready for a snow battle? ;)

Hi everyone!

As I told before, there was something else in the package with Hitomi's new dress.
Honestly I bought a set of clothes from YJ for my future DDH06.
When it arrived here, I did as usual, and tried clothes on headless body...
But things turned not as I wanted initially. Natsuki saw the set and insisted a lot to try it.
She told me it was Moe's set, so she was related with it. And suits her very well!
At this moment I remembered her birthday was in last october, and due to different events, she did not get anything. Yes she complained about shoes, about her christmas gift because she wanted shoes, but never about her birthday's gift. I had something in mind for her but it was not so easy to find.
She looked at me with her great blue eyes and told me "please can I keep these clothes? I really love them? Pleaseeeee Mommy"
How could I say no????????????????? ;)
And so...

Snow beauty ;)
Here is the new outfit!

Natsuki's new outfit
Kitty ears! So cute!

Last but not least, there is a matching pair of shoes! Natsuki likes them a lot, so don't try to take them!

You! Don't take my shoes!