lundi 14 novembre 2011

Je suis en colère! par Natsuki

Hi !
It's me Natsuki! I will try to write in english for all my friends around the world.
I feel angry today and I wanted to share.
On 21th october, a little boy made me fall on the ground and now I have a terrible scratch on my head.
The other girls said it's nothing because it is under my wig. But hey, that's easy, they did not fall.
I feel quite okay but each time I see this little boy I feel angry. XP

Right now I am not happy because I want shoes and I can't have. And here it is colder and colder.
And I have heard strange rumor about another girl coming home. What??? :x :x
We don't need another girl here! We are enough girls around.
There aresome strange other girls around. I can see them from the place I am.
They seem to live in another world. They never go outside because they are afraid by sun ( I hope they are not vampires!!! :? ), they can't keep standing by their own, laying on chairs and furnitures, dressed like antique dolls from last century at least...
Why another girl??? I don't understand. I hope it is not true! :'(
And I need shoes! :(

Cheers everybody!
Natsuki :peace:

vendredi 11 novembre 2011

Présentation des dolls et Bienvenue ^_^ par Aeris

Bienvenue dans le petit monde de ma collectionite aigüe et de mes BJDs!  ^_^
Vous trouverez ici principalement  le journal de mes dolls.
Je vais essayer de le faire aussi en anglais pour le côté international, mais désolée désolée désolée d'avance pour les fautes d'anglais!
I apologize in advance for my bad english!

Amusez-vous bien! Enjoy!


Natsuki-chan ( DD Natsuki with DDS body-M bust)

She is the younger of my girls for now.
She tried to be a quiet girl, but she can't. She is like a storm and some problems can happen because she is impulsive. She is not a bad girl, but she can't stop!
She likes to sing rock music, to go shopping, to cosplay in funny outfits.
Now the pic...

AAAAH! Ok Natsuki here! I don't want you post any pic of me in this dress! This dress belongs to Hitomi! Not to me! I look like a little girl like this. People will laugh at me! STOP THIS! :x

No pic please! par aeris76, sur Flickr

She would like : new clothes for her! A new wig too. and a guitar, and a pair of socks and shoes.
And also to go to a meet to cosplay. And also a lot of other things that I can't list here....

She dreams of : a boyfriend ! And she also would like to become as sexy as Lily very soon!


Hi !! Here is Hitomi ( DD Yuki Morikawa)

She is a bit younger than Lily.
She is usually very shy, kind and polite. But she can be sometimes very angry too.
She likes romantic stories and fairy tails, to take care of animals and flowers, to eat ice creams.
She likes causual and romantic outfits.
She doesn't like photo shots too much because she is so timid and she is afaid to fall when I take photos!

Hitomi par aeris76, sur Flickr

She would like : a good cap to avoid staining, a new brown wig, some shoes, a hat

She dreams of : it is a secret ^_^


Hi! Here is Lily! ( DD Saber Lily)

She is older girl, and the most mature.
She looks quiet and reasonable, always taking care of others members of the family.
She likes books, to listen to classic music, to drink coffees. She is happy to reply to people's messages.
She likes elegant outfits and jewelery. She loves photo shots! :D

Lily in the autumn sun par aeris76, sur Flickr

But Lily likes also sexy outfits, and she enjoys being a very sexy woman sometimes.
And she loves when I take pics of her like this and when other people look at her. :D
Lily par aeris76, sur Flickr

She would like : news shoes, her original wig, more sexy clothes.
She dreams of : a sword! but she absolutely does not know why! ;)