vendredi 11 novembre 2011


Hi! Here is Lily! ( DD Saber Lily)

She is older girl, and the most mature.
She looks quiet and reasonable, always taking care of others members of the family.
She likes books, to listen to classic music, to drink coffees. She is happy to reply to people's messages.
She likes elegant outfits and jewelery. She loves photo shots! :D

Lily in the autumn sun par aeris76, sur Flickr

But Lily likes also sexy outfits, and she enjoys being a very sexy woman sometimes.
And she loves when I take pics of her like this and when other people look at her. :D
Lily par aeris76, sur Flickr

She would like : news shoes, her original wig, more sexy clothes.
She dreams of : a sword! but she absolutely does not know why! ;)

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