vendredi 11 novembre 2011


Natsuki-chan ( DD Natsuki with DDS body-M bust)

She is the younger of my girls for now.
She tried to be a quiet girl, but she can't. She is like a storm and some problems can happen because she is impulsive. She is not a bad girl, but she can't stop!
She likes to sing rock music, to go shopping, to cosplay in funny outfits.
Now the pic...

AAAAH! Ok Natsuki here! I don't want you post any pic of me in this dress! This dress belongs to Hitomi! Not to me! I look like a little girl like this. People will laugh at me! STOP THIS! :x

No pic please! par aeris76, sur Flickr

She would like : new clothes for her! A new wig too. and a guitar, and a pair of socks and shoes.
And also to go to a meet to cosplay. And also a lot of other things that I can't list here....

She dreams of : a boyfriend ! And she also would like to become as sexy as Lily very soon!

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