lundi 14 novembre 2011

Je suis en colère! par Natsuki

Hi !
It's me Natsuki! I will try to write in english for all my friends around the world.
I feel angry today and I wanted to share.
On 21th october, a little boy made me fall on the ground and now I have a terrible scratch on my head.
The other girls said it's nothing because it is under my wig. But hey, that's easy, they did not fall.
I feel quite okay but each time I see this little boy I feel angry. XP

Right now I am not happy because I want shoes and I can't have. And here it is colder and colder.
And I have heard strange rumor about another girl coming home. What??? :x :x
We don't need another girl here! We are enough girls around.
There aresome strange other girls around. I can see them from the place I am.
They seem to live in another world. They never go outside because they are afraid by sun ( I hope they are not vampires!!! :? ), they can't keep standing by their own, laying on chairs and furnitures, dressed like antique dolls from last century at least...
Why another girl??? I don't understand. I hope it is not true! :'(
And I need shoes! :(

Cheers everybody!
Natsuki :peace:

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