jeudi 8 décembre 2011

A strange box part 1

This is something that has happened here a few days ago when I was not home...
( sorry in advance if my english is bad sometimes)

That morning, as usual, the girls were chatting on the fireplace
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When suddenly we hear a noisy cry
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Hitomi : what 's happening Natsuki? Are you okay?
Natsuki : No! Just...have a look... There!

Natsuki : THERE IS A NEW DOLL's BOX!!!!

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Hitomi : Oh? This box? Hmm perhaps there are nice clothes. Or some chocolate?
Natsuki : Com'on Hitomi, look at this! It IS a doll box! Nothing else!

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Natsuki : That means the other girl we had heard about is really coming!
Aeris did not like me anymore! And I will be soooooold!
Hitomi : Oh Natsuki please don't tell that! You know it is not true.
Natsuki : But this box!?

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Lily : Well we don't know about this box, but the only way to be sure is to go down and have a look around.
And if it is a new girl, we have to welcome her.
Hitomi : great idea! I am sure it is chocolate!
Natsuki thinks *... or some shoes*

8 par aeris76, sur Flickr
Hitomi : Look! This box comes from USA. Waw it is a long trip! I am so excited!
Lily : Indeed! We need to open it!
Natsuki: It really does not look like shoes in any case!
And I have to stay here on the ground without shoes. Just to look at this stupid box.
The most stupid box I have ever seen!!!

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Lily : Natsuki, please help us
Natsuki: Sorry Lily. Without shoes I can't help. Grmpp
Lily : I don't have any shoe either, Natsuki...
Ok Hitomi, are you ready to open it?
Hitomi : I will do my best, Lily!

10 par aeris76, sur Flickr
Lily : Hourray we did it!
Hitomi : That's great!

11 par aeris76, sur Flickr
Lily : But...this is an empty box!

To be continued...

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