dimanche 18 décembre 2011

A strange box part 4 - Welcome Kaori ^_^

The mysterious doll slowly came out of behind the door...

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Kaori : well... I suppose...here I am ...it is nice to meet you!
Please I really hope I don't look strange or bad ...

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Hitomi : You are perfect! And what a lovely dress!! such a great tissue! Welcome in our family Kaori!
Lily : Welcome Kaori! I am happy to finally meet you! Don't worry, you look awesome like this!
Kaori : thank you so much girls! You are so nice!
Natsuki : -grmppp -welcome
and don't try to take my place!

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Natsuki : But.............it is impossible!

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Natsuki : SHOES! this NEW girl has some shoes!

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Natsuki : It can't be...It is a total shame!!!!

To be continued...;)

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